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3 Ways Marketers Benefit from Digital

3 Ways Marketers Benefit from Digital

The rise of the digital era is challenging businesses to connect with people in meaningful, motivational and monetizable ways. This is why it is becoming increasingly important for marketers to look inward and ensure their own processes, teams and success metrics are setting them up to succeed.

In many organizations, marketing infrastructures have not kept pace with the changes in consumer habits and technological advancements we’re seeing today. It’s time for marketers to really hone in on rethinking the way they budget, organize and measure success.

  • Budgeting: “Start with clear objectives, an aggregate affordable investment number and a blank sheet of paper.”
  • Organization: “There’s no single right way to organize but there are questions that can help determine the best approach.”
  • Success Metrics: “The success metrics you establish drive behavior—for better or worse.”
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