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Ad Campaign Management and Big Data

Ad Campaign Management and Big Data

Balancing traditional and digital marketing can be challenging to do with out over saturating all channels. Well thought out campaigns will succeed through resourceful engagement and passive everywhereness. Muti-channel opportunities are endless but the key os to define a strategic mix of channels to carry a unified and actionable message through.


  • Online social channels and communities still offer key relationship building opportunities.
  • Smart connect devices offer an always on, multi-channel daily engagment opportunities.
  • Online influencing through peer networks allows the audience to become the experts and influencers and will share exceptional brand experiences with their audience.
  • We still see many disruptive campaigns being bushed through digital channels, strategic awareness and the presentation of engagement opportunities will be the norm.
  • New approaches and creative thinking will drive new engagement ideas, filtering and analyzing big data will held brands get it right.
  • Define persona’s and use strategic targeting to get the most effective outcomes from your campaign.


  • Acknowledge the paradigm shift away from disruptive marketing, ask yourself “what is our brand doing to earn a cutomer today”?
  • Deliver and experience, add value through interaction, inspire your audience to be engaged.
  • Consider the complexities of multi-channel campaign delivery and plan accordingly to make for a smooth and effective roll-out.
  • Asking the right questions to get better data will help insure that you are hitting the mark based on factual information that fits with the online behavior of your audience.


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